How Can an Editor Help You?


In the biomedical sciences, competition to publish and secure funding is more intense than ever. Good writing is essential to communicate your results and ideas effectively and to support your credibility as a scientist.

The goal of editing is to make your document understandable to the intended reader, whether that is a reviewer, colleague, federal regulator, or member of the general public. Although editors cannot improve your science, they can remove one obstacle to success by freeing the reader to focus on your work, not on its presentation.

To be effective, scientific editors should have knowledge of the subject matter. They have a responsibility that goes beyond copyediting: they must ensure that your scientific message is conveyed accurately, clearly, and precisely.

Editing and Writing Services

I specialize in editing manuscripts and grants in a wide range of clinical and nonclinical research areas and have worked on subjects ranging from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to Zygomycosis. I provide writing assistance tailored to your needs - whether you are a non-native English speaker, lack confidence in your writing skills, or are simply pressed for time.

I also offer editing and writing assistance with federal regulatory documents, including nonclinical sections of IBs, INDs, NDAs, and MAAs.

If you have other biomedical writing/editing needs, please contact me for a quote.

The Editor

I became a full-time editor and writer in 2009 following 25 years in scientific research. During that time, I led research groups in academia and pharma, maintained a successful funding and publication record, and was an ad hoc reviewer for many biomedical research journals.

My experience in science places me in a unique position to provide supportive and constructive writing assistance, both as your editor and as a member of your target audience.